The Girl Behind The Lens

Learn about my life so I can capture yours.

So here’s the tea…


Hi friend! I’m Brooke. I was born and raised in a small town in the Willamette Valley, where I met the love of my life when I was just 9 years old! We got married in the middle of the pandemic, and the week of the wildfires in 2020. Let me tell ya, that was a night to remember! We now have two beautiful kiddos that we love so dearly.

Having 2 under 2 makes my life a bit chaotic to say the least. Finding the right balance between work and being a mom pretty much occupies all my time these days. Let me just say, thank goodness for Spotify and Ms. Rachel because there’s always one or both playing in the background of my life. Not too long ago, I discovered a love for true crime (like many other basic ladies these days). When I get a spare moment to myself, I curl up on the couch to watch a murder documentary or listen to yet another Crime Junkie episode. 

Overall, I’m just your typical curly-headed, busy, work from home mom who is running off coffee and fruit snacks 90% of the time. I would love nothing more than to get to know you and be able to capture your life moments. Shoot me an email and let’s make creative magic together!