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The messy, real, and beautiful things in life

Let's take a look...

These are the stories of my clients, their families, and their lives. As a photographer, it’s not just about posing, but preserving the movement of the moment. I am a narrative photographer. My work is meant to be seen as a story, not just an image. I want you to look back on our time together and remember the laughs, the memories, and what life was like in that time. It doesn’t take a full day to share a story. Any of my sessions will be able to capture this time in your life. One of my favorite things about building these connections with you all is that when you come back to me throughout the years, I get the opportunity to look back on the stories with you. I want to share those with you. To be a witness to what you are creating in your life. For several of my clients, I have been by their side from college graduation to having babies. It’s a wonderful world to be a part of. Take a look and see how I have been a bystander in the stories of people’s lives.  



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