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A note from me

Finding the person you choose to spend the majority of your time and life with is no easy feat. Neither is planning a wedding. As a photographer, I spend the entire day of the weddings with you and your partner. I am alllllll up in your business, if you will. Because of that, I want to know as many detials as I can to be able to help your day go smoothly. My main job is capturing your story, but I will be your number one hype girl, on-the-go seamstress, last minute florist or a stand in for any other hat that needs to be worn during the wedding day chaos. It’s a hectic role to play, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way!

Spending the day (and a very emotionally charged, highly important day at that) with someone you basically just met can be a lot. With that in mind, I want to make sure I am the best fit for you. This is why I have a thorough questionnaire for clients to complete, and then I have plenty of communication prior to the official booking process comes into play. I would love to work with you. It is always such an honor to be chosen to capture someone’s wedding, but I want to ensure that I will be able to do that to the absolute best of my ability. So! Check out my packages, find what you might be interested in, reach out, and let’s get to know each other! 

Wedding Packages


Want to skip the tradition? Make your day the adventure of your dreams .

Hours of coverage, travel and guest count can be customized per request. Reach out to create a package that fits your needs.


Bronze Package

With 4 hours of coverage, and a planning consultation this package allows for a quick and simple wedding. Guest limit of 100 or less. Additional items can be added to cater to your needs.

Silver Package

For this package, you get 6 hours of coverage, a one hour planning consult, and a complimentary engagement session.  Additional items can be added to cater to your needs.

Gold Package

As the top seller, the gold package offers 8 hours of coverage, a complimentary engagement session, and a one hour planning consult. Just like the others, additional items can be added to cater to your needs.

Photographer Duo Package


This year I am offering a special opportunity for my couples. In the past five years of my business, I have worked numerous events and weddings with my dear friend at Niki Louise Photography. We have decided to partner together to bring our brides and grooms the best possible photographer duo you can find! Not only do we make an excellent team for one another, but our killer talents bring you the most thorough and creative view of your day. Not to mention, we will be your biggest hype crew, bouquet fetchers, make-up fixers, and boutonniere pinners to make your day go on without a hitch. Our package includes 8 hours of coverage, a complimentary engagement shoot, pre-wedding consult, and two highly experienced professional photographers. Feel free to reach out for more info!

Additional items to consider...

Bridal Session

A one hour session of bridal portraits. This allows you to show off your dress for a second time! A wedding dress is no small investment, and let’s be honest, we all want to wear that dreamy gown more than just one day. Slip back into the dress after your wedding and lets capture some magic together.

Day-after Session

Take the time to meet up the next day and capture the bliss of being newly married to the human of your dreams. A wedding day can be stressful and hectic. A day-after session would be a stress-free time to spend with your favorite people – your spouse, and ME! But really, take advantage of this sweet time in life and capture it while you can!

Bridal Boudoir

Want to do something special for your soon-to-be spouse? Or even just for yourself! A bridal boudoir is a great wedding day gift for your partner. Professional makeup artist and hairstylist can be added on to the package as well. 

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